TRAVEL | Thredbo getaway, Australia

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My bf had some time off work so we decided to do a spontaneous trip to check out the snow!

My family and I have always been snow junkies and we are lucky enough to have a lodge in Thredbo which we actually don’t visit as regularly as we should (pretty terrible actually) so it was good to get up for a few days. Thredbo is about 6 hours out from Sydney. It is quite an easy/relaxing drive and something that can be done on a Friday afternoon after work. We left at 5am this morning and get here in time to freshen up before lunch!

If you are not familiar with Australia’s snow season it is rather shameful compared to the European countries! But after 3months of a sweltering Aussie summer there is nothing we love more than pulling out the beanie and playing around on the slopes!

The thing I love most about the snow is not so much the skiing – but the down time. Enjoying a glass of wine with my feet up, relaxing & watching all the people of the mountain.



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