TRAVEL | Exploring Fifth Ave, New York

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The iconic Fifth Ave was another highlight of my trip. After reading so many books and watching countless films based around the avenue is was great to finally experience it firsthand.

It has been dubbed as “The most expensive street in the world” by Forbes magazine and I can definitely agree with them. The street is lined with prestigious shops and boutiques which you could (and I did) spend literally hours in!

You don’t have to have bottomless pockets to enjoy the strip – most of the fun was in the day dreaming and creating my ‘one day’ checklist.

When visiting Manhattan, NYC I would recommend putting aside an entire day to 5th Avenue. The road starts from Lower Manhattan and finished at the top of Harlem so you get to see and explore a lot of Manhattan city life whilst you’re at it!

I found this site which lists all the shops in NYC which I hope is useful;

Wearing: Kookai Faux Far & black cardigan (available in stores now), Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick and Urban Outfitters sunnies.


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