TRAVEL|Copacabana, Brazil

Fifth and final post from Rio! And what better way to finish off than with world-famous Copacabana Beach!

It is like what you picture – Brazilian bikini’s, people playing volley ball and drinking coconuts… It has become iconic for a reason, it is truly a lot of fun.

Tons of cafes and bars line the beach so it’s the perfect place to kick back and people watch. Don’t be turned off by the tourists and hustle and bustle. A lot of locals are still about and they set up side street stalls, so it is great to immerse yourself in the Rio way of life. Oh, and they can spot a tourist from a mile away so expect to be haggled a little with people selling Brazilian flag towels and bikini’s!

Until we meet again Rio!


IMG_0024IMG_0007 IMG_0014


Wearing: Gorman tassle scarf

IMG_0706 IMG_0708 IMG_0710 tassel scarf



Walking to Copacbana from our hotel

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