TRAVEL | Brooklyn on bike, NYC

Brooklyn is the height of cool in NYC and it definitely worth a visit when in Manhattan. I usually stay in Brooklyn when in NYC. It allows you to stay clear of the cities hustle and bustle and enjoy a bit of quiet time (I also find it less expensive and they have really trendy hotels). In saying this though, although you are over the bridge you are still very close to everything so you aren’t going to miss out! We went to Madison Square for a NY Knicks game and it only took 16mins on the subway to get there. One thing though – any cab we hailed down in the city refused to take us to Brooklyn.. this happened literally about 5-6 times – so be prepared to use the subway or tip extremely well and in advance to get a cab back after a night out. 

There are a stack of little coffee shops, bookstores and vintage shops to explore. We hired bikes (bike hire stands are set up on most corners) which we found super fun exploring Brooklyn!

Wearing: Urban Outfitters t-shirt + jeans


iDSC_0101_2DSC_0846 DSC_0916 DSC_0874 DSC_0332_2 DSC_0748

3 thoughts on “TRAVEL | Brooklyn on bike, NYC

  1. Always get in the cab first, then tell them you’re crossing the (Brooklyn/Manhattan/Williamsburg) Bridge. They’ll think you live here and won’t give you a hard time. 🙂

    Lovely pics.

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