TRAVEL | Visit to Abbey Road, London



Today I visited Abbey Road which is located in Camden, London.

Abbey Road has a pedestrian crossing (that is literally just a pedestrian crossing) that became famous after The Beatles album titled ‘Abbey Road’. The crossing drew A LOT of tourists with everyone wanting to taking their turn at crossing the road.
Abbey Road Studios, is right next door to the crossing and is one of the most famous recording studios in the world. The studio has a history of famous artists visiting and recording their albums including The Beatles, The Spice Girls and Meatloaf and is still used today by artists including Adele and Taylor Swift. Most recently One Direction recorded on location creating music for their documentary (working for a teen girls magazine allows me to know this!).
The studio has set up a live web cam so you can view the crossing at anytime. Check it out here. All up we spent about 20mins at Abbey Road as you don’t need a lot of time to see a crossing and outside of a studio but I would definitely recommend including it in your itinerary when you are passing Camden.


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