TRAVEL | Trip to Stonehenge








My dad described it as “Just a few stones on the side of the road” but I thought I might as well ticket Stonehenge off the bucket list and I’m sure glad I did.

Stonehenge is found South West of London in Salisbury. It’s pretty cool how they don’t know anything about how the stones got there and what they mean – so there is a lot of speculations and a feeling of mystery about the place.


One of the absolute highlights of my little road trip was actually – the road trip. It was a beautiful 45mins trip down where we got to see a lot of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

You only need an hour tops at Stonehenge (to get a few snap shots, hear about the history) and then you can grab lunch or a coffee at the Stonehenge coffee shop.

Who else has been? Can anyone recommend some restaurants or other cafes around the area?








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