DAILY STYLE |Monochrome at Wimbledon

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Every year the world’s top tennis players descend upon ‘The All England Lawn Tennis Club’ in South West London hoping to land the game’s ultimate crown.


The championships are held each year around June/July. So there was no surprise that the courts were a little quiet when we went to check them out. Nonetheless it was really exciting to see where all the action happens!


We did the guided tour around Wimbledon (definitely recommended), as we got to see centre court and hear all of Wimbledon’s tales and secrets.


The thing I love most about Wimbledon is the prestige. Members are treated like royalty. The tour guide mentioned you need to be invited by 10 existing members (5 female and 5 males) to even be considered as becoming a Wimbledon member. A formal board meeting then takes place to discuss if your eligibility. All champion winners each year are the only people who are automatically granted membership. yikes!


The dress code is just as strict which I have copied below:




At all times:

– Only recognised tennis clothing may be worn
– Shirts may carry a discreet motif (not more than 2 inches square)
– Slogans, large writing/numbers of any description on shirts are not permitted
– T-shirts, singlets and bare midriffs are not permitted
– Socks and shoes must be predominantly white
– Shoes must be non-marking, flat-soled tennis shoes
– Black soled shoes are not permitted on any court
– Running shoes and shoes with ribbed or studded soles
– Please ensure shoes are clean before play on the sports hall court
– Please remember to wear your shoe tag


My old fashion editor recently told me how she is obsessed with monochrome and how it makes any gal at any occasion look CHIC. She mentioned it would be a big trend coming into the warmer months (in Australia) – so I thought i would give it a go. This blazer is from Zara and I absolutely love it. I bought it last year as a back up option for a Diner En Blanc event but they still have similar kinds in store now. It has the structure of a well-fit blazer around the shoulder pads but it is also relaxed so you could belt it or scrunch the arms up to make it more casual.

Wearing: White Zara blazer seen hereIsabel Marant Sneakers, Lonsdale jeans and Sportsgirl top seen here, MAC Morange lips.

If you have been to the Wimbledon before I would love to hear about it and all the glorious-ness that comes with it 🙂 I am saving my pennies to go next year 🙂

Lucinda xox


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