DAILY STYLE |Shopping in Soho, London

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Casual day out in SOHO, LONDON. The architecture in London still amazes me! We stumbled across this gorgeous medieval style building, which I have included a picture of. Besides all the great fab shopping boutiques, there are some great little food/trinket stalls and street art to check out.

We were walking/shopping for about 3hours and stopped off at this great little burger joint called ‘Honest Burgers’. It’s only just a small hole in the wall joint but people were spilling out the doorway. So we knew it must have been good. We shared a couple of burgers and fritters and, yep crowds were right. These burgers were delicious. We ended up going back later on in the week. Would definitely recommend a stop off if you are in the Soho area.

As every girl needs to be comfortable when shopping, so I just kept it very casual with what I wore. Pretty much my staple – i.e black jeans, singlet, some sort of scarf and sunnies. I picked up the hat along the way 😉

Wearing: Mango ‘Velvet Ribbon Wool Fedora’, Gucci ‘navy start print’ scarf, Edward Meller flats from Hermanns.

What other great burger joints in London are there that I should check out?

Lucinda xox

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