Sky on 57, Singapore


BREAKFAST TIME at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. If you havn’t already figured it out, breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. It sets a pretence for how the day will go. Good breaky = even greater day! I love nothing more than going out for breaky with friends and sitting back sipping a freshly ground coffee and getting excited over selecting something deliciously tasty from the menu to fill an empty tummy.

If you’re a bit of a breakfast connoisseur like myself, Sky on 57 wont disappoint. Great views, reasonably priced and the service was michelin star. Food is made to order, so if you’re one of those people with a weird coffee or ‘how do you like your eggs?’ order – this is right up your alley!

Head Chef, Justin Quek describes the cuisine as ‘Franco-Asian’…What’s that you wonder? I had exactly the same question! Justin was trained in France’s top restaurants before making his mark in Singapore. So his food is traditionally Asian with French influences peppered throughout. This cuisine is really only really seen on the lunch/dinner menu. You will find all your beloved breakfast meals at Sky 57!

Here we enjoyed a spanish omelette, blueberry & maple french toast, eggs benedict, classic bacon & eggs, side of seasonal fruit & granola all washed down with a freshly squeeze ginger juice (mine) and beer (definitely not mine)… Did I mention this was for 2 people?

So if you are staying at Marina Bay Sands or just doing a Singapore stop over – be sure to check it out  🙂

If you’ve been before be sure to let me know what you got or if you know of any other good breaky spots in Singapore let me know!

SpicedFox xoxoxo




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