Sketch Gallery Resturant, London




A unique and vibrant gastro-brasserie lies at the heart of Sketch. Found at 9 Conduit St, just off Regent Street in the heart of London. This place has been buzzy for the past few years and is a must to experience when visiting London.

Sketch is a complex and unique site and I have never seen anything quite like it! I have been for both High and dinner (both being as equally amazing!). So whatever you have time for on your trip make sure you squeeze it in!

FOOD: Conceived by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mazouz, he has attracted unprecedented media attention for his creative menu and entertainment styles! The food is imaginative, bold, ground-breaking and delicious!
DECOR: Creator/extraordinaire, Turner Prize and winning artist Martin Creed have beautifully designed the entire venue. Each room has an entirely different feel and really are masterpieces. You can spend hours in their as if you are dining in a museum!!

The dress is smart/casual and the staff are really friendly. There is no pretence, just good people mixed with good food and a great location.

SpicedFox x x

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