HOW TO | 101 on saving money when travelling

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n. a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

Gen Y are suckers for travel. We love it! And sometimes it can be hard to fund our obsession…

In some cases I’ve learnt the hard way. I’ve been ripped off with over priced airfares, taxi rides, oversized luggage and exchange rates! And there is nothing worse than knowing with just a little upfront planning you could have saved a few dollars (which could have gone towards that cute caftan at the Moroccan markets right?) . . .

So, below are a few handy hints to keep in mind when planning your next trip. If you have any other tips you have I would love to hear them so please let me know by commenting below.


– If you work in an industry that isn’t 9-5 or when you lock in your annual leave always try to book your flight on Tuesday or Wednesday. Generally speaking, Tuesday, 3 pm EST is the cheapest time to buy a ticket. Also keep on top of airlines Facebook pages as they always post their sales via social media and then pull them down on Thursday (before the weekend).

– Fly into the big airports and book shorter legs separately. Also explore other options like the Eurostar, hire cars and ferries. Generally a lot cheaper and I find them more enjoyable.

– A lot of companies have caught onto the fact that everyone has the travel bug and offer great deals to viewers. Along with Skyscanner and Low Cost Holidays check out Cuponation. They offer discounted flight and accommodation options, which aren’t usually found anywhere else! I recently scored a really cheap deal on a hire car where I got 15% off the overall price, so definitely worth a checking them out.


– This really depends on your budget but the main thing here is RESEARCH. Google Maps is your best friend!! It’s important to check out how far your hotel is from everything so you don’t waste money on taxi’s.

– The absolute MUST HAVE on my list when I book a hotel is free Wi-Fi. I find I save money with mobile date usage (or daily usage fees from the hotel) and I can save time planning and making restaurant reservations online from the room.

– If you are strapped for cash another alternative to hostels is Couch Surfing. People from around the world put their couch up for offer (for free!). These people are generally like minded travel enthusiasts and in return for their couch, they have company for a night or two where you can exchange travel stories. I did this with a friend in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was such a great experience. Note, I probably wouldn’t advise a girl riding solo just to be safe!


– If you haven’t caught onto Uber, you’ve been living under a rock. Uber is a mobile app that allows you to book a car and track where your driver is. (I think) it is roughly the same price as a taxi or a little more but is uber clean and reliable. The app is international and you don’t need to change your credit card info, so it’s really super easy to use overseas.


– If you are anything like me, I don’t really travel to shop, I like to shop before I travel so I can plan all my outfits and relax when I am overseas knowing exactly what I am wearing to every occasion. So I find myself not only having to folk out money for flights, accommodations and transfers for trip BUT also a new wardrobe. I also sniff out the sales before I travel because generally when its Summer in Australia, the winter gear is on sale and I generally find when I holiday I am going to a different season so I can snap up all the winter sale items before jetting off for a European winter!

– Cuponation isn’t just about flight and accommodation deals – they also have great discounts on online stores like The Iconic, Surfstitch and ASOS. So it is worth checking them out for fashion coupons and deals.


– Safest option – Travel Cards. Your bank will be able to issue you a travel card. They are great because the exchange rate is generally fixed and depending on what bank you are with they sometimes wont include the conversion fee. You have the option to pay in your own currency or the place you are travel to and it is accepted EVERYWHERE.

– High Roller Option – Put it all on credit card… You get a good exchange rate with your bank and surprisingly it isn’t too bad (I thought it would be about $20 per transaction but its really only ever a couple of dollars). Also it usually means you are covered by your own banks security features and best of all your get the points for your next holiday!

– Always get cash out (at the bank when you get your travel card so you can skip the conversion fee) or just try and do it once at the airport. Then, keep it in multiple places (some on you and some hidden in the hotel for back up). You can never be too safe!

Hope this helps guys and if you have any travel tips you want to share be sure to post them in the comments section below.

Safe and happy travels,

Spicedfox x x x

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2 thoughts on “HOW TO | 101 on saving money when travelling

  1. Your travel tips are very helpful , thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences . My partner and i will be using your tips for our next trip.

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