DRINKS | Nikki Beach, St Tropez


Nikki-Beach-St-Tropez-American-Independence-Day-event-Photo-credit-to-ArtmanProdssss sssssssssssss ssssssss1

Nikki Beach, St Tropez, France is where the serious party crowd goes to see and be seen! Nikki Beach is infamously known for its gorgeous restaurant that serves the freshest of fresh seafood and sushi but more so its pool – where cocktails are served and girls dance on table tops. Those living in Sydney, picture The Ivy on steroids.

During the busy Summer months they organise themed events such as ‘white party’, ‘gangsta party’ etc. Last weekend Nikki Beach celebrated its 13th birthday and the theme was all around being ‘Too hot to party’. They had a (real) fire engine and girls in red bikinis spraying champagne on people with the fire extinguishers!! It is actually insane.

Tips on doing St Tropez well:

– This aint no family or couples retreat! Get a group together, book a table for lunch and spot by the pool and do it well.

– It is worth saving your pennies and going large here as that’s what half the fun is about. It is expensive and it is extravagant but it’s a once in a blue moon experience so do it well. Note, minimum spend on a bottle of champers is 300 euro.

– Check the event calendar here, so you know if the day you are going has a theme. You don’t want to miss out on a dress up occasion do you??

– You will get wet… DRENCHED with champagne and unintentionally. Champagne showers go off every 10mins or so, so make sure you have waterproof mascara and that you are wearing something that can get wet

– Speaking of, dress for the occasion. Nikki Beach is rather pretentious and a lot of girls spend all year getting in shape just for there one weekend at Nikki Beach (this is what girls were talking about in the bathrooms). So you will be surrounded by babes in bikinis and 6-packed men. Make sure you feel comfortable so you can enjoy it and dance the night away! Rock a caftan or one piece (or both – like i did!).

– Time it right. We went for lunch on a Wednesday and it was DEAD. Make sure you go in the late afternoon on a Thurs-Sun to experience the the party scene.

Would love to hear if you have been! Be sure to sure your stories.

Spicedfox x x

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