EATS | Dub Jam, Covent Garden, London

So you’re in London, roaming the bustling streets. You’ve done everything a good tourists should do – you’ve shopped Oxford St and Regent Street, you’ve checked out Leicester Square (perhaps even saw a play). The buffet breakfast was included with your hotel so you probably ate at 8-9am and just realised you haven’t eaten since and are STARVING! So you spend 30mins walking around the busy hustle and bustle trying to find a decent place to just chill and unwind with a nice strong drink?
Look no more, Dub Jam is your little slice of Jamaican heaven and is exactly what you are looking for!
Tucked away in Covent Garden (4mins up from Leicester Square), Dub Jam is a small venue but not hard to miss as you will hear Bob Marley singing and the brightly graffitied walls are hard to miss!
The place is insanely cool and authentic. I love rastafarian vibes. It feels like you are transports from a serious London to a Caribbean beach vibe in a matter of seconds.
Drinks are STRONG, food is fresh and cheap.
NB: The place is small try and go for either an early or lunch-ish lunch to miss rush hour.


20 Bedford Street,
Covent Garden
London, WC2E 9HP
E N J O Y ! ! !
Spicedfox x x


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