EATS | Moorea, St Tropez, France

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Restaurant Moorea located on the beautiful beach of Pampelonne Ramatuelle is a great restaurant and a summertime hotspot for day revelers.

Moorea, famous amongst the locals for the night Paris Hilton had dinner there and shouted everyone in the restaurant a bottle of Dom Perignon (spending nearly 400k + euros!). But I don’t blame her. Moorea gives off such a create vibe everyone is so happy and relax, it can make even the most stupid of people do stupid things!

This is probably my fave place in St Tropez – everything is just right. The location (looking over the beach, dining on sand, the vibe, the fresh seafood, the staff and the party atmosphere.).

Anything goes here so you’ll never feel out of place. We stopped off for dinner and were still in bikini’s with wet hair. Where as the table next to us were dressed to the 9’s! It just works.

Like I said, the staff are very friendly which is a key to the success of the restaurant. It is a family run business who are very hands on and really care about the experiences their guests are having.

The bustling beachfront eatery has a beach shop, daybeds, loungers, parasols, and a great bar. The menu offers wonderful salads, pasta, sandwiches, and many grilled meat, poultry and seafood options. They also have Asian dishes like Thai spring rolls and Japanese sashimi and sushi (YUM!).

Bonus: Private Parking available

Moorea Beach Restaurant is open daily from noon until 5:30 pm.Where: Route de Tahiti, 83350 Ramatuelle, France. Bookings Essential.
+33 4 94 97 18 1

Spicedfox xx




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