HOW TO | Pack like a pro!


I love to travel but HATE packing… Worst yet, unpacking!

So over the years I’ve mastered what to pack and what you can afford to leave at home and pick up on the way.

One rookie era alot of people make, is wasting space and weight on stuff that can easily be picked up at your destination. Things like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, cleansers, some make-up, hair brushes, perfume – THE WORLD IS NOT ALL THAT FOREIGN AND THEY WILL HAVE WHAT YOU NEED – AND MOST LIKELY THE SAME BRAND. These are standard items that you can pick up at the airport!

When I moved to London I made the rookie area of wasting INVALUABLE luggage space on towels, bed sheets and linen, a yoga mat and everything I could snap up from Priceline. When really, I could have picked up all that stuff from a Primark or Boots day 1…

In saying that though, below are a list of things that are my ABSOLUTE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS. Any trip I go on I always bring.


Sunglasses (usually 2-3 pairs).
Fedora hat
Eyemask (like the ones they give you on the plane). I have a natural gift of being able to cat nap ANYWHERE at the blink of an eye. In a busy park, movie, theme park even – give me a eyemask and I’m out! So with jetlag, I like to be able to have a power nap on the go!
SLR Camera. Although a bit of a pain to lug around I have tried travelling with and without my camera and think it is totally worth it. Sometimes an iPhone photo just isn’t the same thing. And when you are watching the sunset over a Tuscany winery, you wanna be able to capture it, right?
Laptop. Again a bit of a pain (worst is at the security points at airports) but it allows me to blog along the way.
Foodies list. I always have a list of the best cafes and lunch spots in the city I am visiting (that also have free wifi). A little planning up front makes the whole trip more relaxed and you know you get to experience the hot spots and local spots in that city.

I actually hardly ever bring my phone… I find I have access to the internet with my laptop and take photos with my SLR, so to avoid accidently racking up the roaming costs it stays at home in my top draw 😉

So there you have it! What are you travel MUST HAVES?

Spicedfox xxx


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