TO DO | Hike Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Scotland



Are you are Londonder wanting to get away for the weekend? Or are you planning a trip to the UK and want to include Scotland?…

Well Edinburgh is the place for you!

Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city and is one of the most picturesque cities I have ever seen. The city is surrounded by rolling lush green mountain side and the buildings have a wealth of history behind them.

To get to Edinburgh it is also relatively cheap! You can get an overnight bus or fly in. Once here, you can score a great hotel close to the city at the price you would pay for a budget hostel in outter London!

When planning your trip to Edinburgh, make sure you take out half a day to visit Holyrood park. It is just a short walk from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the heart of the city. The park itself is lovely and you can walk around it see the lovely countryside but also the parks highest point is Arthurs Seat, a dormant volcano, and sits 251m above sea level giving excellent view of the city. It is also the site of a large and well preserved fort.  This is one of four hill forts dating from around 2000 years ago – so the history is incredible!!

Where I am friend my friend Tina, we hiked to the very top and boy it was worth it! It took about 2.5hours round trip (stopping for photos of course) and we spent a bit of time at the top also soaking in the views. It was such a memorable moment and something that is definitely worth doing.

Just pre-warning you though – I NEVER thought I was scared of heights until I did this… Oddly half way up I freaked and was hanging onto my friend’s hand for dear life!!

Would love to hear about your experiences and also what else you got up to in Edinburgh!

To plan your next trip, check out Visit Scotland – here

Spicedfox x x x

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