TRAVEL |Early morning starts

When travelling I like to book the earliest flight possible to try and make the most out of the day at the other end.

This time I’m on the road again and off to Alicante, Spain (I can’t say Alicante Spain without breaking into song and singing ‘Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga… Am I the only one?)

My flight was leaving at 6am…Which meant check in 2hours before at 4am… which then meant leaving Notting Hill at 3Am… P.A.I.N.F.U.L

It is a bit tricky because the first tube starts up at 5am or so… So the other way to get to the airport is by car (unless you’re one of those crazy people who can sleep at the airport the night before!).

I did a Google hunt around for Airport transfer car services and found Addison Lee gave the best quote.

Note, this is not a paid advertorial! It is just an honest review and I want to give them an honest review.

It ended up costing about 30pound each (my gf and I), which is about the cost of 2 cocktails these days, so I was more than happy to pay that.

The driver arrived 10mins early, helped with out bags and even offered to stop off if we wanted to grab a coffee (super cute!).

So just some food for thought when you travel next. Hopefully I’ve saved you the hard yards of searching for a car/cab and you can just go straight here to book.

Safe travels,

Spicedfox x x x

Addison Lee have a comp at the moment where if you take a selfie in your next Addison Lee cab and hashtag #Selflee you can the chance to win a free ride… So here was our #Selflee . Away we go!

photo 1 (1)


Lauren and I at 3M

photo 2

My Addison Lee driver… thank you for helping with all our bags . LIFESAVER

photo 3

The the airport with coffee in hand – HERE WE GO!


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