How to care for your engagement ring when travelling

1270517_10151570442097606_210706381_o‘To bring or not to bring’ is the question a lot of women ask when planning a trip abroad

I am currently noticing an influx of friends suddenly tying the knot. When I trawl through my Facebook news feed, there are photos of sparkling brand new engagement rings glistening on freshly manicured fingers with a beach background or fine dining restaurant. Engagement rings and honeymoons have become a regular topic of conversation at coffee catch-ups and also whether a girl should wear/bring her engagement ring when on her honeymoon or travel adventure.

Yes, there is some risk involved when travelling with such a valuable piece of jewellery. It could get stolen from your hotel, lost in the winding streets of Barcelona or scratched when trying to stand up on your paddleboard in Maui. However, there is an element of this risk that comes with any traveller travelling with something of value to them. So I say, why not! Flash that brand new sparkling rock around (and fiancée!) when travelling and enjoy your holiday wearing something you are truly proud of.

Below are a few simple tips to keep in mind to make sure your engagement ring is properly cared for when you’re abroad.




An engagement ring is a priceless piece of jewellery and one that can never be replaced, however, should you lose it or it is stolen, it is always a good idea to get it valued and insured. So it’s always good to get a thorough appraisal on your ring before having it included on your existing policy. Regular appraisal will ensure it is insured for the correct amount because if you do happen to lose it or it is stolen on holiday, and it hasn’t been insured for the correct amount, then you can bank on getting a replacement ring that is lower than your original ring. A nightmare for any girl that has fallen in love with their engagement ring!



Storing your ring in a safe spot when travelling where it won’t get damaged is crucial to any traveller, as there will be moments of your trip where you will need to keep your ring secure. Don’t just put it in a sock draw or some sort of bag as this can lead damaged stones. Preferably store it in something that has individual compartments and are lined.

Email the hotel you are staying at beforehand to see whether they have a safe in your hotel room.



If you are away for a long period of time or staying in an AirBnB or holiday house, household chores will still come into play when on holiday. It might seem such a little thing to do, but you’d be surprised how many people will often leave their ring on when cleaning up the house; particularly when they are using chemicals. Most household cleaning products are somewhat corrosive and can cause a build-up over time that will start to taint the metal.

If you find yourself washing and scrubbing for hours on end (you want to make sure you get your entire bond back, right?), you will notice that a fair bit of friction can start to occur which will cause dents and surface scratches. It can also loosen the prongs that hold the ring’s stone/stones in place and the last thing you want is an engagement ring that is a missing a stone or two.

Also keep in mind any outdoor adventure you might take part in, whether it is black water rafting in New Zealand or sailing the Mediterranean Sea. All those activities, although fun to do with your new fiancée have potential to damage the prongs and the stones of your ring, so I suggest locking it up in the safe at the hotel before you leave.



Diamonds might be as hard as anything that you will come across, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t lose their shine. We’ve already spoken about one method in safeguarding your ring, but another sure fire way of keeping your ring sparkling is to clean it. Unfortunately, the natural oils that come out of the pores of your skin are one of the main reasons why there is residual build-up on diamonds. If it is left to build up over time, this can lead to significant discolouration.

A regular cleaning routine can help avoid all of this; the key word here being REGULAR!

Other little ways that you can clean your engagement ring is by soaking it in warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid for about 30 minutes or so. You can also pay someone else to clean it as there are many affordable jewellery cleaners out there (I suggest doing this before and after your holiday).

Happy travel honeymooners!

Spicedfox x x


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