DRINKS | Isla Marina, Alicante, Spain




Looking for a beach club or something a bit glitz and glam to do in Alicante? Well first off, I wouldn’t suggest Alicante at your travel spot full stop. But if that’s all you have to work with I would probably say Isla Marina is what you are looking for. It is like the little brother of Nikki Beach. Not quite there yet but is doing pretty well and working with what it’s got.

Isla Marina faces the city of Alicante, just as the walk to the beach Postiguet ends. Open daily, literally next to the sea. As you sit sipping on an aperol spritz, often water splashes up on you which is really refreshing and fun (especially after a few drinks and you don’t worry about your hair!). It features a pool with pool toys and wooden deck, so bring your bring bikini. The DJ booth looks over the pool area and starts at about 1pm and plays on into the evening.

Often Isla Marina have events to attend, so check before you attend. Sundays they usually have a singer walking around and a saxophonist …

They have got a restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

PROS: Views are gorgeous, venue is really fun, food was fresh. Great location for some great shots of Alicante.

CONS: Slightly naff and attracts even naff-er stag doo’s.

Where: Av Villajoyosa, 4, 03016 Alicante, Spain

Bookings not necessary: +34 965 26 57 28

Spicedfox x x

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