TO DO |Vernaison flea market in Saint-Ouen, Paris

One man’s junk is another man’s joy in these bazaars of the bizarre. Items which wouldn’t even catch your eye in another setting – dial telephones, crumbling polaroids from the sixties, animatronic Chairman Mao puppets – become objects of desire when decadently laid out by their eccentric stallholders.

The Vernaison Flea Markets are A MUST in Paris if you’re anything like me and love getting lost in the shabby chic galore! They are very Parisian and authentic but easily missed if you don’t know what you are looking for…

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Paris has a lot of different Flea Markets, the biggest and most famous are the Vernaison flea markets in Saint-Ouen. These markets were right up high on my to do list this trip – mainly due to the fact that I am obsessed with Owen Wilson and the movie Midnight in Paris and also these markets have some serious history and date back to the 1900’s/medieval days. Picasso himself use to walk around it, hoping to find the inspiration for his next masterpiece.


When you get out at Metro stop ‘Clignancourt’ it will feel like you are walking straight into the street markets of Hong Kong or Bangkok. You will be bombarded with fake Prada and Gucci and be clutching onto your bag for dear life. But whatever you do, don’t leave thinking that’s all there is! Head straight for rue des Rosiers which leads right into the maze of the good stuff.

There’s everything from antique furniture and art, old Russian china, vintage clothes, accessories, old postcards from World War 2, taxidermy – you name it!

The markets themselves are aesthetically beautiful. Imagine arriving early at about 9am to beat the crowds with a take away cafe creme in hand. Then strolling through the tiny, winding alleys that have a very Harry Potter-esque feel to them. I spend a good half day here as I was  just too excited wanting to stop at every stall (there are over 2,500…)… I would recommend setting aside 4hours or 1/2 day for the markets. Have a coffee, do the morning and then head somewhere afterwards for lunch.

WHERE? Vernaison flea market in Saint-Ouen. Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Paris. Located in North Paris (Metro Clignancourt).

WHEN? Saturday, Sunday (9:00am-6:00pm), Monday (10:00am-6:00pm)

TIP: Get there early! The flea markets get more than 11 millions visitors a year, so it can get crowded.  it is located up north from Paris (Metro Clignancourt). Note, when you’re done with the markets, get out of the area ASAP and go somewhere nice for lunch. We went to La Societe, which is located at 4 place Saint Germain. Opt for the Sea Bass!

Spicedfox x x


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