A brisk day in Paris this morning!

The thing that gets me so excited about planning any trip is planning the breakfast itinerary. We stopped off at Les Enfants Perdus for breakfast. For a Tuesday morning it was fairly quiet only with only a few business meetings going on – so no issues getting a table. Les Enfants Perdus is actually a discreet fine-dining restaurant in the Canal Saint-Martin that has recently begun opening for breakfast. The interior is sombre but at the back, a light and airy room has been kitted out with comfortable benches strewn with white cushions – ideal for plonking yourself down at brunch hour. The menu is unique, and changes every six months. If you’re not calorie counting, their home made brioche is out of this world.

photo 3

We then headed to the flower markets (details below). There’s a wide array of flowers & plants (including my fave, bonsai trees) that can be found that can make any girl get lost snapping Instagram photos. Tens of thousands of pots are displayed including gorgeous violets, bilberries, roses in every colour and other beautiful plants are offered each season.

But the coolest thing about this place is due to the forms and the vibrant colours, many artists and creators come to loose themselves in this urban prairie looking for inspiration. If you can, go on Sundays, as they open the Bird Market (le Marché aux Oiseaux) where you can find rare species and all the accessories to go with them (birds freak me out but you might like it).

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

Wearing: White Birkenstocks (sold here), Camilla and Marc pants (sold here), General Pants jacket & scarf and Mango denim shirt. Flowers from the flower markets.

Breakfast: 9 rue des récollets 75010 Paris (METRO Métro : Gare de l’Est, Jacques Bonsergent ou Château d’Eau)

Flower Markets: Place Louis Lépine Quai de la Corse, 75001 Paris.  Open every day from 8:00am to 7:30pm.


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