TO DO | Copenhagen by bike

Many cities today are plagued by traffic congested, road raged, cyclist-hating drivers, hiding behind the wheel of their car honking at every chance they get. But Copenhagen have it down pat when it comes to creating a city centre perfect for getting round on two wheels.

Practically everybody rides a bike in Copenhagen. The city is known for its bicycle culture and it really is the most convenient way to get around. If you want to live like a true Copenhagen-er and ride around stress free without the fear of getting honked and verbally abused, I strongly suggest renting a bike and cruising the city on two wheels.

If you can’t remember the last time you rode a bike and the thought of experiencing a capital city on two wheels scares you (like me), Copenhagen will soon change your mind. The city is built for cyclists and you’ll see more bikes than cars in the city centre. A third of Copenhageners commute to work by bicycle and it’s not unusual to see people in suits, heels and skirts effortlessly pedalling past.

There are plenty of bike tours (see below) but I recommend just hiring one for the day and winging it.

Copenhagen has been rated one of the happiest cities in the world and I swear the fresh air and breeze running through your hair from cycling helps!

Best thing about cycling? The accidental exercise you are racking up so you can enjoy a guilt free ice-cream at the end of the day.

photophoto 1photo 1COCONUT + COOKIE DOUGH ICECREAMphoto 2photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo 2SCANDI COOL JONNYphoto 3


Københavns Cykelbørs- Rent A Bike – more info here
Velorbis Bike Rental – more info here – more info here


Bike Mike – more info here
Bike the City – more info here
Copenhagen Bicycles – more info here

Spicedfox xoxo

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