TO DO | Fat Tire Bike Tour, Paris

Highlight from Paris? Riding a push bike on the busy streets, with no helmet, a bottle of red wine deep, with no travel insurance (sorry Mum!) and being honked by angry Parisians is definitely up there!

Yep, my brother and I signed up for a Fat Tire Bike Tour of Paris day tour. Well, initially it was just the day tour but we ended up loving it so much we signed up for the night tour as well.

I would recommend this to anyone and the tours are designed for people of all ages. Whether you are a solo backpacker, a romantic couple or group of friends – these guys have you sorted!

Below are some points worth considering.


This ain’t no Tour de France, it was easier than a school cycling camp. I’m no Lance but we led the pack in this one (… might be my competitive streak coming out…)


King Louis the 14th, 15th or what now? History can be a little ho-hum and dry sometimes, especially when you’re in a city dense with so much history to absorb. The Fat Tire tour guides make history fun and are a really good laugh. We had tour guide LOUIS by day and APRIL by night. If you get to choose your guide I would recommend these guys to anyone. They were such good fun and it was nice being able to have a glass of wine with them on the boat at the end of the ride.


Walking the streets of Paris is fun but after 4hours of solid walking you kinda get over it and start clock watching and day dreaming of food. The metros are great but you miss half of the city underground. Ubers are a god send but when travel- budgeting, luxury transportation usually gets the cut first.Bikes are so cruisy, speedy and fun. I didn’t realise you could see so much. I am actually excited to invest in a bike when I get home.


If you are travelling solo or in a group and want to meet new people, Fat Tire is a great option, especially the night tour. The night bike tour includes a boat ride through the canals (aka a bit of a booze cruise), where the guide bring a few cases of red and everyone gets friendly.

Day or Night tour?

I would seriously/highly/strongly recommend both if you can… Paris by day is leafy, lush and beautiful and you get a really good overview of the city and get a good idea of bearings (you’ll be offering directions like a local!). The night tour isn’t so much about the history – it is a solid hour or two of riding and you get to see the lights and Paris by night. Also if the boat tour/booze cruise tickles your fancy than the night tour is more your thing.

For more info check out their website here.

Thanks for having us Fat Tire, and I can’t wait to do it again when I’m back.

Spicedfox xx

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