TRAVEL | Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania is a society within society. A self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents. It’s full of vibrant scenery with a gritty edge, with some spots looking sort of trippy and post-apocalyptic.

Upon entering the town, you pass a sign that says “You Are Now Leaving the European Union”. Then, once you have passed the goldpainted sign that says “Christiania” you know something is up. An intense aroma of weed is in the air, which most people weren’t complaining about. In Christiania, cannabis shops operate 24 hours a day and sell 30–40 types of hash (pretty cool). A lot of pitbulls and bulldogs stroll around… I wanted to go up and stroke one but I got a scary look from the tattoo-skulled owner…
Homemade houses and buildings with an extremely interesting architectural feel are scattered throughout the forest, reminding me of the forts I used to build when I was younger. Residents pay rent to the community, and pay the Danish state for water and electricity.

There are bendy, narrow streets where no cars are allowed. No one is running (strict rule of no running in Christiania as it makes people anxious) so there is a calm feeling throughout the neighbourhood.

There is a completely mixed bag of people in Christiana. Groups of foreign tourists on guided tours blend in with chilled-out youngsters and the locals who work in the various small shops and cafees where you can pay with a special Christiania currency. But I would say that it is mainly tourists these days.. Christiania is one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions. Every year the freetown attracts between a half and a million visitors who come to experience this very special and controversial area.

It’s a bucket-list destination for sure — with an atmosphere and a spirit that pictures simply don’t do justice.

Here, I am wearing my trusty travel hat (10 pounds from a Soho market) and Birkenstocks sold here

Spicedfox x

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