BUCKET LIST | Adventure Safari

Because there is an Eliza Thornberry in all of us!

Any sort of va-cay is going to be amazing but there is only so much kitsch, excessive garishness and over commercialized cities a girl can see before she gets an urge to get down and dirty and ‘at one’ with nature (without completely compromising… a power point and actual porcelain toilet would still be nice!).

Next on the bucket list for me is a soulful, intrepid adventure and I’ve now discovered the Africa Safari is exactly what I am after.

When I initially thought ‘Africa Safari’ the things that popped into mind… Eliza Thornberry, khaki errr-thang, binoculars swung around my neck, driving around in a jeep on the search for a glimpse of a lion and tiger, feeling like you’re on the set of the new Jurassic Park movie.

The cool thing is, if you are used to the luxe hotel life of daily pillow fluffing and room cleaning there is really no need to compromise during your safaris these days. Safaris move between luxury permanent tent sites and eco-resorts which are located in the regions of Africa with the best conservation and most authentic wildlife encounters. It’s no coincidence, tourism brings money and motivation for conservation and sustainability.

Sure the landscapes are rugged and some of the climates harsh, but there are plenty of opportunities for pampering along the way and plenty of barely discovered gems that can be taken up on side trips or as add-ons to your safari. So, when planning your trip to Africa plan a dream safari and beyond. Here are a few ideas that I have come across:


  1. | Some girls still needs a beach!

You only have 4weeks annual leave… Although the Africa Safari sounds great, you were kinda hoping for a white sand beach and blue sea? Not to fear, the safari has both. Spend time relaxing on a remote white sandy beach with blue azure waters before or after your thrill seeking encounter with the wildlife (purrrr-fect!). This combination is perfect for creating family memories, a couples retreat or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Keen surfer or fisher? The east coast offers thousands of kilometers of remote beaches with a natural, untouched environment. The coastlines of Quilalea and Vamizi to Rocktail Bay in Southern Africa and the coastline around Capetown in South Africa offer surf beaches and big fish action.


Picture Above: Ibo Island Quirimbas Archipelago


  1. | Active Africa

Canoe, horse ride, mountain biking, sports fishing and mountain climbing- Africa is an outdoor addicts dream. There will be opportunities in whatever country or region you choose, but here are some suggestions.

The Zambezi River in Zimbabwe offers thrilling white water rafting, kayaking and river boarding. The waters here are fast and it`s not for the feint hearted. Meanwhile, the Chobe River in Botswana is more gentle and gives you time to see the hippos and birdlife unblocked.

Horse ride through the Grumeti Reserve in the Serengeti, Tanzania and feel a part of the landscape. During the day you will see zebras and game grazing, and pass through herds of giraffes barely disturbing them. In the evenings you`ll stay at luxury permanent camps giving you a taste of by-gone Africa from Dr Livingstone’s day, complete with a gourmet dinner.


  1. | Food Safari

If you’ve eaten your way around Europe and Asia, it’s time to get stuck into Africa. South Africa is home to world-class cuisine and some lodges in the private reserves bordering the Kruger National Park have Michelin quality restaurants. As well as eating you can learn about the local spices and ingredients, take cooking classes and visit wineries and farms.

Africa is home to the ‘spice islands’ where markets are filled with the colours and smells of India and the Middle East. In Botswana you can dine in the desert with the San Bushmen and in Mozambique or Madagascar you experience some of the best seafood on the planet.





  1. |Body & Soul Safari

 Many African luxury and eco-lodges could easily also be marketed as health resorts as well. Guests get up at the crack of dawn to experience the sunrise and view wildlife before heading back for a fresh healthy breakfast that includes a variety of local fruits. From there they are offered yoga sessions, meditation or special African treatments and massages.

Africa holistic medicines fuse native fruits, berries and even certain stones to boost and balance energy. African native medicines vary from region to region but generally have numerous therapeutic benefits specifically for men and women.



A Body and Soul Safari will help you connect with the environment you are experiencing on a different level. It is a perfect experience to share with a loved one on a honeymoon, but is also just a surprising extra for anyone while on safari in Africa.

So there you have it, hope this has given you some food for thought and if you are planning a trip to the Safari Africa, make sure you get in touch! Would love to hear about what you have in stall and what else this amazing place has to offer.

Spicedfox x x


Encompass-Africa Encompass Africa can create the ideal holiday and tailor an Africa safari so you can witness the spectacular flamingos if that is what your heart desires. It’s truly an unforgettable safari experience.

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* This is a advertorial style post.

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