EATS | Bread & Circus, Alexandria, Sydney

FullSizeRender[3]Alexandria isn’t a suburb I would usually opted to spend my Saturday morning in. It’s the industrial dryness and strips of discount wholesalers that turn me right off. Or maybe it’s because I used to work there so it wreaks of full time desk life. But I seem to be finding myself back there a lot more regularly with so many new little coffee shops opening up. Bread and Circus isn’t all that new (opened 2 or so years ago) but since re-visiting just the other day I have a new found love for it. Poked in the sunny back corner of a classic, refurbished warehouse, is hidden away in the glorious cavern of cheap hooch that Alexandria is. I say this everytime I leave somewhere satisfied but Bread and Circus is definitely up there as one of my fave foodie spots in Sydney.


This healthy and delicious little nook draws quite a crowd of regulars for their healthy, veg-centric, options and market-influenced fare. So much so that it is more than often not peaked at capacity. There are six long wooden tables and as soon as a seat vacates, people practically commando roll in to fill their spot. Knocking knees with your neighbours and asking them to pass the honey pot and pink salt flakes is not uncommon at this joint.


There is no doubt about it, the interior is cool and you can’t help but smile at the strategically placed eggplants, pumpkins and lemons that grace the rough wooden tables in front of you. Or the pile of Bonsoy cartons at the till.

Its daily changing menu makes it pretty exciting. All super healthy and guilt free. Keep an eye out for the cloud eggs floating in baked ricotta, the morning jumble of bircher and granola, or lunches of mozzarella with grilled zucchini and polenta. It’s all the good stuff.


If you’re fond of free-range, partial to permaculture and generally just a big ol’ fan of things like quinoa and buckwheat, then you can’t go wrong at Bread and Circus. With toast coming in at seven bucks a pop, it won’t be the cheapest breakfast you’ve ever had, but hey, it’s totes all worth it right?


Where? 21 Fountain Street Alexandria

Open 7 days:
Weekdays 7am – 3pm
Weekends 7am – 4pm

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