Mr Wong, Sydney


Remember Bridge Lane on a Saturday night when people would be lining up for  what seemed like hours to get into Tank nightclub?… Remember people sitting in gutters, shoes offs and the odd fight breaking out? Remember lining up only to get in, realising it was way too sweaty and overcrowded and waking up the next morning regretting everything/remembering nothing? Well these days  Bridge Lane looks example the same. Lots of people in some random alley in the centre of Sydney waiting around. Lots of people hovering with impatience. However this time the people are better dressed, slightly higher brow, not rolling drunk and are about to experience the best gastronomical experience they can imagine, Mr Wong.


What used to be Tank Nightclub has now been converted into one of the best restaurants in Sydney.

Chef Dan Hong kills it and knows exactly what people want. To be put simply, it’s good quality asian/chinese food. Picture your favourite Chinese restaurant menu items with their own unique flair. A variety of Dim Sums are avail, lots of delicious duck and pork belly dishes and seafood. I recommend the Mudcrab… I probably get a craving for this at least once a week. Make sure you get it steamed with white soy, ginger and shallots.

The restaurant is smack bang in the middle of Sydney and because it’s open late it’s a great spot to grab quality food and a glass of wine after a late night in the office. It has a real European vibe to it with most people only sitting down to eat at around 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock at night.

The place seats 240 so it’s a fairly large restaurant with a sunken in dining area which provides intimacy for big groups.


Justin Hemmes (owner of almost every good restaurant in Sydney) said that Bridge Lane and Mr Wong is an example of a beautiful, historic laneway that had been under-used and was now being brought to life with a European flair to it. Which is exactly what Sydney needed.

Just a heads up on two things though;

1. Eating at Mr Wong is roughly double what you’d pay at, say, the Marigold. But what you’re getting for the extra money is the spectacular fit-out, outstanding service led by a tuxedo-clad. You’re getting a wine list that’s about a thousand cuts above any other Chinese restaurant in Australia and, of course, some damn delicious food.

2. Get there on the earlier side. Like literally, noon when they open the doors – for a guaranteed seat, or get a group of six together and book. Otherwise be expected to wait 1-2 hours at least for a table. No expectations. Plus side, they do take your number and call you when your table is available,  so if you have a friend who lives near by and is willing to go put your name down a couple of hours before hand or plan for pre drinks at Palmer & Co, expect to be reliving your youth of loitering Bridge Lane…

Spicedfox xx

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