Diner En Blanc, Sydney 2014


One of my favourite events on Sydney’s annual calendar – Diner en Blanc!

This was the third year that Diner en Blanc has taken place in Sydney (2013 was held on the sand at Bondi Beach – seen here and 2012 was at The Museum of Contemporary Art).

This year Diner en Blanc was held on the 29th November at Centennial Park, with over 4000 diners all dressed in white. There’s always plenty of hype in the lead up to the annual event. The location is probably the most exciting thing about the evening with the secret location not being revealed until just a few hours before via text. Everyone loves to guess and be convinced on where it will be. I still put money on the Opera House steps each year but am pleasantly surprised when the bus heads in a entirely different direction!

Centennial Park deemed to be a great location with the sun setting over the park. They also had five giant illuminated white rabbit art installations scattered amongst the diners. This year a gold harp was also set up in the centre on a podium and harpist Jake Meadows and DJ Dan Rowntree serenading the crowd. I still don’t think anything can compare to Bondi Beach. There was something pretty spectacular about dining al fresco with the sand between your toes with another odd 3000 people all in white.


Although still a fairly new concept in Oz it has grown in size dramatically over the past three years. Now even getting a major sponsor on board with the event. Electrolux, was one of Diner en Blanc’s official sponsors who have brought on board designer Alex Perry as the judge of the Best Dressed Female award.


And then just as fast as a rabbit down a hole, everyone packed up their goodies and vanished without a trace – until next year!

Spicedfox x


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