5 timeless pieces of jewellery every woman should have in their jewellery box

While it’s lovely to have a jewellery box overflowing with lots of goodies, chances are you don’t wear nor know what half the pieces are. You may have purchased some cheap costume jewellery that was on trend that leaves a green rim on your finger when you take it off. Or you might find a ball of knotted necklaces at the bottom that would require the patience of a Buddhist monk to untangle.

At one point or another it is worth de-cluttering your jewellery box and going back to basics. Although the occasional cheap choker necklace or knuckle rings can be fun, it is worth investing in fewer, better quality pieces that can last a lifetime and often be a lot more sentimental.

Below is a list of the top 5 timeless pieces of jewellery every woman should own.


  1. A Classic Watch

Look for an analogue, graphically clean faced watch that sits delicately on your wrist. A watch that is simplistic enough to be worn during the day but elegant enough to carry on to suit your evening attire. Take your time in choosing a watch and think about the certain colours and styles that showcase your unique personality. The watches band itself can either be very simplistic with a hard band or simple links or alternatively include a lot of interact detail. It is all about your own style. Some watches are decorated with diamonds and stones in different sizes, shapes and colours – so see what stands out to you! Look out for rose gold, platinum silver and gold tones and see what suits your skin tone. At the end of the day it is a personal choice, so make sure you try them on and go with your gut feeling!



  1. A Permanent Bracelet


A permanent bracelet. Basically, an everyday bracelet that you leave on almost 24/7 and that eventually becomes a part of you. Whether it is a charm bracelet, a gold or silver bangle or a delicate chain, you want to choice something that feels comfortable to wear almost always (even during a sweaty workout!). There is something special about recognising a friend’s piece of jewellery that is part of her. It also helps dress up almost anything and you don’t even know you’re doing it. Something to keep in mind – you want to choose something that also compliments your watch.


  1. Diamond Earrings


Whether they are mini studs, drop earrings, single or multiple carats, there is something about a woman who sparkles either side of her face. There is something special about saving your own pennies and going into the store and buying your first pair of diamond earring (unless you are already lucky enough to have a pair!). Save it for a special occasion so it becomes sentimental, whether it is a killer promotion that you get or a milestone birthday. Handy tip? Always spray perfume on first before popping your earrings on to avoiding residue build up.



  1. A Right-Hand Ring


For any girl in hopes of a fairy tale ending or for those who already have it, it is always nice keeping the left hand free for the ultimate ring! But until then, it is worth investing in a signature stand out right hand ring just for you! There is a lot of creative leeway with this. Literally, whatever suits your style and personal look works. Just keep in mind that you want to invest in this piece so look for quality materials that will last a lifetime. Also avoid trends and if you go with a colour make sure it is something that won’t be clashing too much with your wardrobe.



  1. The Delicate Necklace


So you have the watch, the bracelet, the earrings and the ring. To complete your ultimate jewellery collection you need a delicate, feminine necklace. A super thin, delicate chain that falls perfectly on your décolletage. We are lucky that this is a current trend so there are some gorgeous pieces on the market at the moment. A necklace like this needs no framing and it won’t over power your wardrobe or earrings. Delicate necklaces are also great for layering and you can leave it on almost all the time.


So take time to de-clutter your jewellery box. The best thing with all of the above pieces is that they are simply indispensable. You’ll not only keep them but actually wear them for the rest of your life. Honest.


Spicedfox x









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