Barcelona Dreaming, Spain

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Usually I don’t plan trips. I book, go and explore. However, when you are against the clock and only have a weekend to explore a city you want to make the most of it. I am heading to Barcelona in a couple of weeks for 2 nights so am really conscious on making sure I see as much as possible. It’s one of those cities I am in love with but have never been to. It is always my answer to “Where do you see yourself getting married?”… I would say Barcelona without batting an eyelid (yes, girls ask each other that question). So, I guess if that’s the case I should probably go scope it out! I’ve heard Barcelona is the city that never stops entertaining and always has fun festivals and activities on. So I’ve done some research and below is a mini summary of what I have booked/planned in advance.


1) Accommodation – OK Apartment, Barcelona

Finding accommodation is always a tough one. Do you stay in a hotel? hostel? Airbnb? Couchsurf? Before booking anything it is always good to see if the city itself has its own accommodation company. I stumbled across a really cool site that offers great authentic apartments all around Barcelona. Its call OK Apartment Barcelona, check it out here. I found the places were a lot cheaper than other international websites and they have so many that you can choose a style of place that suits you and the area you want to be based in! It is the first time I am using it so I will keep you posted on how I get on.

2) PIXAR, 25 years of Animation

Pixar have been around for 30 odd years now and have won 27 Oscars, 11 Grammies and 7 Golden Globes, earned $8.5 billion, and created numerous characters such as Woody, Nemo and Remy who have kept both children and parents entertained. Sooo to pay tribute to these accomplishments they are hosting a fun exhibition, created by New York’s MoMA. They will show see storyboards, models and explanations about the technology used to create the universally-loved Pixar family! Check it out here.

3) Saló Internacional del Còmic (aka will Geek out at a Comic Festival!)

If you’re a lover of X-Men, Tintin or Calvin and Hobbes, then this is the festival for you. I am a budding Comic lover thanks to a Comic-obsessed-boyfriend who would actually lose with marbles over this. Celebrating anything and everything to do with comics and graphic novels.Attendees are positively encouraged to dress up as their favourite comicbook characters, while added extras include video games, workshops and special guest appearances. I will NOT be doing that, but will be fun to check out (and I get some girlfriend brownie points)

4) Picasso’s Barcelona

You can see where Picasso spent his early years. You can walk down C/Reina Cristina and then cross over to number 3 on C/Merce so see where his family once lived (I am hoping once I am there all these numbers make sense to me!). You can also head to Els 4 Gats where artists including Picasso and Salvador Dali gathered to chat over flowing wine, dinner and cigarettes!

5) Barrio Chino (no, not the bar in Sydney)

The Ravel (once coined with the term Barrio Chino) is the cities grungy little brother. Apparently it is riddled with prostitutes, drifters, hipsters and business a like – a complete mix bag to make it a fantastic spectacle and a place where it would be great to grab a bite and people watch. They have some great graffiti, art, music, food and music. A well rounded cultural experience!

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If you have any tips please email through and I look forward to filling you in with my adventures!

Spicedfox xx

6 thoughts on “Barcelona Dreaming, Spain

  1. Great itinerary. It’s tough to see everything in Barcelona even if you got a week, but your plans look very decent for a first touch of the city. I’m sure you’d enjoy that trip to the utmost .)

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